Ever heard of the term lazy loading? How does it help? Where do we implement or use it? Is it a new tag or an attribute? If you’re familiar with HTML you already know what is the difference between a tag and an attribute. In this post, we will learn lazy loading in HTML and how I contributed to the open-source project JetPack (WordPress Plugin) and fixed the lazy loading issue for the Spotify shortcode.

Let’s understand what is lazy loading in general

Lazy loading is the practice of delaying load or initialization of resources or objects until they’re actually…

Please ignore this article. I’m trying to learn how lazy loading is working on Medium platform.

Thank You :)

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Is every search feature is implemented using ElasticSearch or Apache Solr? Can you think of some other way of searching? Search using Regex, maybe. But do we really need to use regex when we have algorithms that can solve our problem? Have you ever wondered how search works in your favourite text editor when you don’t remember the file name? Do they use regex to find a file? Not really. Editors use fuzzy search to implement search features.

Fuzzy Search 🤔

You must be wondering what fuzzy search is. Fuzzy search is an algorithm that is used to find patterns in strings(approximate string…

In this post, we are going to design a payment system API using Django Rest Framework. Before going ahead, I want you to read about WAL, MVCC in DBMS. You can go through the link as well. By now I'm guessing you have a decent knowledge of what WAL or MVCC is?

Let’s talk about our architecture

This is how our architecture looks like it is not an ideal architecture but the basic one for our easy understanding. In this diagram, we have not added other features like async task queue or caching layer, etc.

Let’s suppose, there are three users in our system User…

Recently, I started working on some projects. To build this project, I’m using React for the front-end and NodeJs for the back-end. To create UI components I’m using Antd. Every component was working out of the box and then I encounter some problem with a component. In this post, I will share how I was able to tackle the file upload problem.

In this post, I’m assuming you’re familiar with Nodejs and Reactjs. I won’t be telling the basics of it. So If you’re new I highly recommend you to please go through the basics and come back again here.

Problem Statement/Requirements

Have you ever tried reverse engineering???

One day my friend was solving a challenge in the CTF competition and got stuck at the reverse engineering section. I thought of trying it, and I was able to solve the challenge. Can you??? Give it a try.

Anyone who is starting with reverse engineering can solve this challenge.

I want to share my approach to solving this challenge.

Check File Type

My initial step was to determine the file type. I opened the terminal and typed file blade and got this output

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